Historical Treat

History and Landscape
Published March 7, 1996

Historical Treat

| Published March 7, 1996

Painting of the purchase of Newark, 1916. The Newark Public Library

Knowing Newark a new 'Newark This Week' feature begins today, written by Charles Cummings, Assistant Director for State Outreach for the Newark Public Library. A Newark resident, Cummings is the Newark city historian.

The purchase of the present site of Newark was painted in 1960 and hangs in the lobby of the Robert Treat Hotel. Newark's first Indian settlers were the Lenni Lenape or the 'Original People.'

The settlers' land titles were negotiated by Captain Robert Treat. A bill of sale was signed July 11, 1667. Most of modern Newark and Essex County were obtained for an estimated price of 130 pounds. The Exchange included 50 double hands of powder, 100 bars of lead, 20 axes, 10 swords, 20 coats, 10 guns, 20 pistols, 10 kettles, four blankets, four barrels of beer, 10 pairs of britches, 50 knives, 20 hoes, 850 fathoms of wampum, two ankers of liquor and 20 troopers coats.